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Why the Braves will advance to the NLCS

The Hall of Fame waits


The following are my top 5 reasons why the Atlanta Braves will advance to face the Phillies (sorry Reds) in the National League Championship Series…


5…. The Giant Offense

Quite frankly, if there is lineup in the 2010 Playoffs that is less talented, or less productive, than the fellas from the A.T.L, it is San Francisco. The offense, though capable of some pop, will strike fear in the hearts of no one.  Atlanta batted .258 as a team and scored 738 runs in 2010. The Giants scored just 697 and batted a point lower.

4…. Tim Hudson

Going into the series, the Braves having Tim Hudson was trivial because San Francisco boasts a number one with a pair of Cy Young awards under his belt (Tim Lincecum). Now that the Braves have managed a series tie going into Atlanta, there is little reason to believe the Ace of the staff will not swing the series in Atlanta’s favor – Leaving just one win to manage.

3…. Resiliency

Yeah, Yeah… It’s an intangible – Immeasurable, unreliable, and possibly just coincidence.  But something has to be said about the Braves’ perseverance and ability to find wins. The Braves led the league in last at-bat and come-from-behind wins in 2010, which is a testament to the attitude of the players on this team. When a team always believes a win to be possible, half of the battle is already won.

2…. Turner Field

The Braves tied a franchise record by winning 56 times at home in 2010 and had a MLB-best home record: 56-25. Turner Field has been quite the haven for the Braves, and been the site of many of the season’s great moments (Conrad’s Grand Slam, Heyward’s first walk-off, the instant-replay GW HR by McCann). Having the series all square when Hudson and the Braves take the field in front of 50,000 “friendlies” Sunday and Monday may be the difference.

1…. Bobby Cox

The future first-ballot Hall of Fame inductee has been the primary storyline for all 164 games in 2010 and a large reason why the Braves are playing in October. Cox, who has been in the Braves dugout for 23 seasons – including an unmatched run of 14 consecutive division titles – ranks fourth all-time in managerial wins.  The 25 men in Braves uniforms will want nothing more than to provide Bobby with 10 more wins and a second world title in Atlanta.

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